Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Okay, okay..THIS is why I didn't want to do a blog. I knew that I was just too busy to keep it up and then everyone would always say "Why don't you update your blog?" So..here's a bunch of pictures I'm just going to throw out here :)

Jared's niece, Mylee (his brother Michael's daughter) came and stayed with us for a few days. Lacy and her are good buds and partners in crime! They had so much fun playing this week and we decided that we would take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo since it was her last day. After we were all hot from walking around the zoo in 90 degree weather we decided to let the kids cool off on the splash pad. This was Garrett's first time and he LOVED it!!

The zoo has a new splash pad, so now there are two of them. The new one is really cool and has a cave slide, misters, and lots of other things there for the kids. Next time we will have to bring our swimming suits. My little skinny Lacy was shaking and shivering towards the end

Garrett hates to have the sun in his eyes. So I tried putting Lacy's sunglasses on his, but A.) they are pink and B.) he kept taking them off.

So Grandma Beth bought him this little foam Kangaroo visor to keep the sun out. He loved it, and would hang onto the brim just to make sure it wouldn't come off. ha ha

Lacy & Mylee checking out the Rhinos

Grandma Beth with Lacy & Mylee

Lacy & Mylee all excited to be at the zoo!

Grandma Beth taking the girls to the zoo!

Garrett helping me do the laundry! ha ha

Lacy has a stroller for her baby doll. The kids were playing around and put Garrett in it! ha ha

Another favorite thing of his is to play on Grandma's computer!

YUM! Oreos!

Lacy so hyper she was climbing the walls, literally

Picture of my grumpy hubby :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oreo Baby!

Grandma Beth slipped an Oreo to Garrett...gee I wonder if he liked it??? ha ha His love for Oreos will make his Grandma Beth, Grandpa Davis, and Aunt Andra very proud! :)

Tub of Emotions

I was cleaning the kitchen and every time I'd turn around I'd trip on Garrett, who was wanting my attention. So I decided to fill up the sink and let him splash around while I straighten up the kitchen. He was so happy!!! Until....

Lacy came to see what he was doing. He cheerfully jabbered with her, but then she kept bugging in...notice the smile has disappeared....

Lacy, having troubles giving up her spot as the "baby" of the family, wanted to get into a sink bath too. When I explained she was too big, her little 2 year old mind immediately came up with the solution that she could put just her "piggies" in the water. ha ha. So I put her up on the counter...and take a look at the picture and see if you can tell if Garrett is happy with sharing his tub. ha ha ha ha ha

Show Low Trip

In November we went up to Show Low to go to a wedding for Jared's nephew, Alex. They got married in a beautiful ceremony in the Vernon Chapel. Here is Garrett all dressed up in his church clothes! What a cute little guy!!

Lacy running around Jan & Joyce's front yard!

Picture of Kaylee, she is growing up so fast and is a beautiful young woman!

My little Gar-bear! Here is is only 7 months...but I know, I know, he looks like he could be 2 years old! ha ha

Lacy & Garrett playing with the pine needles

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This year we did a Peter Pan theme! I went as a pirate, Kaylee was Tiger Lily, Lacy was Tinkerbell, and Garrett was a Lion Lost Boy! All we needed was a Peter Pan...but there was no way in HELL I was going to get my husband into green tights. He did say he would wear a name tag saying he is Peter Pan though. But I forgot to pick them up. Oh well :)

You can't see it too well in this picture, but Lacy was just coated in gold pixie dust glitter. She looked SO BEAUTIFUL!

ROAAAR! Check out my little man! Is this not the most adorable lion you have ever seen in your life???!!!

Kaylee was bummed because everyone thought she was Pocahontas. She was always correcting everyone that she was TIGER LILY! ha ha

Girls were SO excited to trick or treat! Lacy would run down the drive ways at each house going "MOM! I got more candy!!!!!" ha ha ha

Tonto Fish Hatchery

On our way back from Show Low we decided to stretch our legs at Tonto Creek! Garrett LOVED the water and was so excited to put his pudgy little toes in the water, even it was a little chilly! ha ha He would just laugh and laugh! Lacy lost a flip flop in the creek (Kaylee rescued it) but Lacy was still upset about almost loosing her shoe and she refused to get back in the creek! ha ha

We also drove up to the Tonto Fish Hatchery. Lacy and Kaylee got such a kick out of seeing all the fish, and feeding them!

My 3 little sweethearts!

Okay, I HAD to take a picture of this! Jared says it isn't pronouced the way it looks (CRAPPIE) but I don't care...it's a "Crappie" fish to me! ha ha ha ha

Garrett chewing on his favorite snack...grandma's shoulder!

Kaylee & Lacy checking out the fish

My sweet little dude!

Lacy throwing out the food to the fishes. Lacy loved seeing the fish go nuts when she fed them! ha ha